Zero-Knowledge Computation
Uqbar is perfectly positioned to take advantage of zero-knowledge scaling through Urbit, our foundational peer-to-peer network and cryptographic operating system. Urbit possesses numerous features that make it particularly well-suited to ZK-integration.
  • The Urbit OS is built in a simple, practical language: Hoon, which compiles to the assembly language Nock.
  • Nock is purely functional—any input always produces the same output—meaning it is possible to represent its full memory state as a simple Merkle tree. This makes ZK-computation significantly easier to implement in Nock than other general programming languages as the prover can access only the necessary data without handling any superfluous code.
  • Merkelized data organization is especially powerful when paired with non-deterministic proving systems like Starkware’s CAIRO language. Additionally, because both the smart contract language and ZK-proving program have an extremely small surface area, they can be audited with increased speed and security.
  • Urbit is natively networked—computers and programs on the operating system talk to each other by default—making it an extremely rapid development ecosystem. No time need be spent integrating programs running on different machines as the ZK system allows developers to utilize the same language and programming environment for smart contracts, networking, operating system, and DApps.
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