EScape: DAO and Social Tooling
Uqbar has released a prototype of EScape, our first functional application, on the Urbit network. EScape is a fully-integrated social management and DAO tooling system. While EScape is still in active development, it will eventually combine all the functionality of traditional DAO management tools with autonomy and security guarantees of the blockchain.
Right now, DAOs rely on an unwieldy amalgamation of flawed and disparate applications: Discord, Slack, Telegram, Signal, Github. Each requires its own login and offers its own suite of incomplete services, each impossible to integrate with the others. Even worse, centralized DAO tools such as Discord retain the right to delete your server, restrict your account, or sell your data—whether for political differences or personal vendettas.
Uqbar, by contrast, is fully decentralized. It runs on a peer-to-peer operating system that allows users to customize their tools and manipulate their own data. No one can kick you off Uqbar or EScape. No one controls your data. No one gives you permission to change a feature. No one polices your private communications.
For detailed instructions on utilizing EScape read: "How to Join Uqbar and Urbit."
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