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    Completed: 2022 Q1-Q2
    • ZK compiler for smart contracts (Proof-of-concept, February; prototype for unoptimized Urbit code, April)
    • Consensus agent, block production algorithm, and private testnet
    • Prototype execution engine and on-chain tools (Uqbar wallet, block indexer, and Eth transaction integration)
    • New Urbit frontend (EScape Urbit groups/chat client, January; EScape by Uqbar mobile app for iOS and Android, February)
  2. 2.
    Medium-term: Announcement on Sept. 22, 2022 of Q3 progress at Urbit Assembly Miami
    • August: Contract execution and deployment, basic tooling for transactions, and protocol agent for running permissioned public testnets; first-look dev tools for writing Urbit code
    • September: Uqbar public testnet integrating non-ZK modules; "Zock" ZK compiler for arbitrary Urbit code
    • Miami, Sept. 22: Uqbar unveils a fully unified web3 DevX: our testnet's frictionless dApp developer environment
  3. 3.
    Long-term: 2022 Q4 - 2023 Q4
    • Develop ZKRU bridge contract and data availability model
    • Refine DevX while on-boarding first wave of devs to testnet and rolling out dev-centered marketing campaigns
    • Early 2023: Security audits begin
    • Test integration of Uqbar execution model and ZKRU contract
    • Receive results of security audits; move towards launch of public mainnet of Uqbar ZKRU on Ethereum
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