Programming with Uqbar
Uqbar is more than a smart contract language; it is a full blockchain state access system. In practice, this means that all programming related to the chain happens in one environment, with one language and one set of data structures. Rather than stitching together heterogeneous services, the programmer makes calls to the Uqbar module for all read & write needs.
Smart contracts are written in a special subset of the Hoon programming language and executed according to the rules of our transaction engine. The system emphasizes code and data separation to make it simple to reason about and to better support parallelization.
Core chain tooling follows the same principles. Our indexing software exposes past chain state cleanly via a Hoon API, as do our transaction building tools. While some of these tools require higher resource machines to run, keeping them all in the Urbit environment makes subscribing to remote APIs extremely clean from the developer's side.
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